The Four Horsemen now available everywhere.  

My newest release, The Four Horsemen is out now! Three years in the making, with a combination of electric and acoustic guitar performances, The Four Horsemen draws on polytonal, bi-tonal and advanced harmony influenced by the likes of Shostakovich and Bartok. 

Available online everywhere to stream and download: The Four Horsemen

Dark Matter, coming soon 

My newest album is complete and will be released very soon. Check out a teaser here:

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New Music: The Bach Project 

I have a new release: The Bach Project.

This project started with my renewed passion for J.S. Bach's music. Specifically his organ masterworks. What started as my desire to transcribe one piece, Toccata in D minor BWV 565, led me to transcribe two others, as well as composing 4 etudes for seven string electric guitar. 

The Bach Project 

Also you can check it out on YouTube

Its available at iTunes, Amazon, and everywhere else online to download.

This was a true labor of love, and a massive learning experience for me. Both musically and technically on the instrument.

I hove you enjoy it!


DNA-Acoustic Suite EP is out! 

DNA-Acoustic Suite EP is out. Check it out here in the audio section. 

An acoustic reinterpretation of my first album, DNA. Based on various themes from this album, DNA (A) is a solo guitar acoustic companion to DNA.

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